The Gluten Free Directory

The Gluten Free Directory Revamp

Well today, I really started getting into the revamp of my book The Gluten Free Directory. I have a start. I have cataloged about 44 companies carrying gluten free products. That’s a mere pittance to what I know is actually out there. Seems like new companies are springing up every month or so offering gluten free products. When I first started this book about three years ago, there weren’t near as many companies offering these kinds of products as there are today.

So my tasks are to:

Update existing companies (update products, contact information, and add company biographies)

Add new companies

Add in gluten free alcoholic beverage list

Add in restaurants and cafes offering gluten free options (this will probably take the longest to gather information for)

Here is a list of the companies I currently have in the book: If you know of a company offering gluten free food, know of gluten free alcoholic beverages, or of a place offering gluten free foods on their menu, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email. I want to make this book as beneficial to everyone on GF diets as possible. I will give you credit in my book in the acknowledgements for your help. Thank you and have a great day!!

Bakery on Main
Betty Crocker
Blue Diamond
Bob’s Redmill
Bush’s Beans
Edward and Sons: Road’s End Organics, Native Forest, Premier Japan Organic, Let’s Do Organic, Wizards
Enjoy Life Foods
Glenny’s Foods
Foods by George
Gluten Freeda
Glutino and Gluten Free Pantry
Jo-Sef Gluten Fr-ee
Lesser Evil
Maxwell’s Kitchen
Mixes from the Heartland
Mrs. Leepers
My Own Meals
Namaste Foods
Nana’s Cooke Company
Nature’s Path
New Harvest Naturals
Pamela’s Products
Really Great Food Company
Thai Kitchen

2 thoughts on “The Gluten Free Directory Revamp”

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