november nano

15th day of NaNo

Here it is the 15th day of NaNo and I am falling a little bit behind. Last night I had planned to work more on my writing and catch up the few hundred words I was lacking, but a tick decided to attach itself to my daughters scalp and we were all in a frenzy about it last night. The tick was removed but we were all scared about what kind it was and so forth.

This morning we are taking my daughter to the doctors to have her checked out. So hopefully everything goes well.

My story for NaNo so far is 22,900 words, so I will really need to catch up today. I believe I am to be somewhere around 24, 990 words today. I’m sure I will be able to reach that so long as my daughter gives me a chance. Of course, I could give her my husbands iPad to play games on and then she will preoccupied for hours and I’ll be able to write. lol. She actually prefers the ipad to watching her TV shows. At least the games she plays helps her to use her problem solving skills and shapes.

I still feel like I have so much work left to do on this book. I am writing a nonfiction book that has some painful parts in it, but I feel I need to tell my story no matter how I feel writing it, no matter how many breakdowns I have. If I can help someone else through my writing, then I feel it was all worth it. I pretty much have once section of three done and am working on the section about my childhood and living with a father who seemed ungrateful for what he had. I finished the part about my caring for my mother through months of her illness with ovarian cancer. I kind of wrote these out of chronological order but that is okay. I can put them in the right orders later. After I write the section about my childhood, I will be writing about the decline of my own health and the trials I went through to discover what was ailing me. So far things are going okay.

Best of luck to everyone one participating in NaNo this year!

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