november nano

3rd Day of NaNo

Today marks the third day of the November NaNo! So far I have just over 3,300 words. I’m a little behind in my word count but I believe I will be caught up today, so long as my two year old daughter doesn’t steal my ipad from me again! lol She has some preschool puzzles on the ipad that she absolutely loves and she is a wiz on the ipad. Makes a little scared how smart she is. So far she is learning better through technology than through books. Ah well! I do what I can on my ipad.

I use the program Novel in 30 to help me write my novel for NaNo. It’s a program that is only available on the ipad and helps you write a novel in however many days you set, and you can also set the word count. I set mine to 30 days and for 50,000 words just like NaNo. And this tells me how many words I need to write each day, how many words I have written each day, and if I am behind schedule. The con I see with this is that this program is not available for the PC would be so cool if they made it for the PC and made it so you can sync your stories no matter which device you were using.

Anyway, best wrap this up and get to my story! Good luck everyone! And God bless!

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