Writing Updates

Back In The Game

Well, here I am listening to my music and back in the game of writing. Feeling great about life, now that I am off anti-depressants, still on an anti-anxiety though. Come to find out the anti-depressants I was on were actually making me feel depressed and making me sluggish and have not energy or interest in things. Now I a feel like a woman who has been freed. My clarity of mind has changed as well as my motivation and energy, and not to mention my quick wit and goofiness. lol.

I have come to realize that God has placed some changes within me. I used to write about vampires and all that supernatural stuff and read Stephen King and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles as well as was influenced by R.L. Stine. My tastes in what I read and write have changed quite a bit. I am finding I am more influenced by Jane Austen, Janet Evanovich, John Grisham, Jean Auel and James Patterson, all to various degrees. My new areas of interest are historical fiction, romance fiction (to a degree) and mystery fiction. Now, Since I really have no experience in these areas I have feel I have to do my research and learn about each before I feel comfortable writing in these areas. Granted, I have already started writing two historical fiction novels for Camp NaNo this year, but I have put those on hold for a while. I also have some ideas written down for a mystery novel, but again that is on hold while I educate myself.

Now the next step is trying to figure out where to go to find the information that is going to help me learn about these areas of writing. My local library didn’t have the books I was looking for so I guess I’ll just stick to using the Internet for now to see what I can find and then go from there. So this week I ‘ll be concentrating on learning the ins and outs of historical fiction writing. Hopefully what I find I’ll be able to put in a post and help other writers looking for the same information. Who knows? Guess we’ll find out.

Best of luck to everyone this week and God bless.

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