Writing and depression

This is a topic not too many talk about. Yes. I am a writer ad yes, I suffer from depression and anxiety. Many of you have been wondering why you haven’t seen many post on my blog related to writing, well, just in thick of moving my psychiatrist decides to take me off meds and them goes on vacation. So I had to call my primary doctor and tell him I was crashing and what do I do. He put me back on my meds and now it is a matter of getting them back to a stable level to help me function well enough to get back to writing some 3,000 words a day. Right now, I am finding it hard to get out of bed every day and see the bright side of things. I have no doubt will get there it will just take some time to get the meds right. So bare with me as I get through this depression which just saps my creativity.

My best to all!