News on Writing

Finding My Muse

Last night I started some background work on a new story titled “A Place In This World”. I have been struggling to work on “Facade” and “Lasting Shadow” and realized the last two stories really have been pulling on past experiences I really had rather not delve into at this point until I have gone through some therapy for certain things. So I thought I would start a new story and not pull on things from my past but create something brand new and go outside of what I know. Yeah, I know as a writer you’re always told “write what you know’. But where is the fun or adventure in that? Sometimes it is exciting and adventuresome to go outside the conventional box and discover things you may have never noticed otherwise. I have never written a mystery before so this is so new to me but I am excited! I figure since I love cop shows and criminal shows like CSI and NCIS, then why not try my hand at some mystery writing. I actually think it will be a mystery/romance, but we’ll see. I know my favorite kind of movies to watch are romantic comedies but I don’t think I am a comedian, but more of a sincere person. I started watching the show “Medium” on Netflix last night and wow! I so love the show. I am inspired by the show and happy to have found another cop like show. I have been watching them since I was a kid. I’ve never been sure what the lure is unless it is just the amazement of the people putting their lives on the line to keep others safe. I know I don’t have that kind of bravery. Kudos to those who do! And thank you!

Best of luck to all you writers out there!


Struggling to Get Writing

All day I have made plans to get writing on my story Facade, but I cannot seem to get going. I am thinking about the story constantly and know exactly where I want the story to go, but the struggle comes when even beginning to write. I don’t know if I am just burn out, depressed or what. I feel a little lost. The road to a writing career has turned out to be bumpier than I expected. The desire to write is strong so I don’t understand my hesitation. Maybe it is the meds I am on for depression. I thought they were supposed to help you function not put you in a state where you don’t feel like doing anything. I just really don’t know what to think and feel frustrated. I can write a prayer in my prayer book, an entry in my journal and on my blog. But when it comes to working on a story I struggle.

I know when I was in my teens my mother praised me and supported me for choosing to be a writer, but once she died in was left with a father who criticized me saying “she’ll be lucky to have a book out by the time she dies”. That hit hard and deeply. All I wanted and needed was his support like I got from my mother but that never happened. He never bothered to ask what a story was about or ask to read what I had written so far, or really be involved with my life. My father was also a cause of the PTSD I suffer. I am wondering his comment and lack of support in my life and with my writing really affected me so deeply I feel
“blocked” when it comes to my writing. I just feel like I can’t go on because I have so much self doubt in my ability to write even though writing and English were strong points in school. I wish I knew the answer about what to do to get myself writing again. I feel each day that slips away not writing is a day I could have written another ten pages and be closer to finishing my novel. I will continue to pray about this and see what happens.


Writing and depression

This is a topic not too many talk about. Yes. I am a writer ad yes, I suffer from depression and anxiety. Many of you have been wondering why you haven’t seen many post on my blog related to writing, well, just in thick of moving my psychiatrist decides to take me off meds and them goes on vacation. So I had to call my primary doctor and tell him I was crashing and what do I do. He put me back on my meds and now it is a matter of getting them back to a stable level to help me function well enough to get back to writing some 3,000 words a day. Right now, I am finding it hard to get out of bed every day and see the bright side of things. I have no doubt will get there it will just take some time to get the meds right. So bare with me as I get through this depression which just saps my creativity.

My best to all!