Moving Weekend & Other Stuff

So moving weekend is here. Tonight we get the Uhaul truck and begin loading it up. By Saturday morning we should be ready to head to Maine. Good thing too because by Monday Maine should be getting what is left of Hurricane Irene. Not sure if this move is happening at a good time or a bad time as far as the weather is concerned.

I have been working on a story titled In Twilight Hours that has really taken off. It’s not my camp nano story for this month but it was a story that felt more pressing for me to write. I think it will also be therapeutic for me as well. Writing is that for me anyway.

I don’t know how many writers out there write long hand, use a type writer still, or use desktop or laptop computer, but I have found I have been more productive on my new iPad which was an impulse buy by my husband. I can’t explain it, but the iPad sure has changed my writing around for me and I use the Pandora app to listen to my music while I write. I use the Pages app to write my stories and I have a couple of other writing apps I use. One I believe is called Chapters where it lets you create as many notebooks with as many entries as you like. This is a great app for me because I was buying so many notebooks I couldn’t keep track of them all and now I can. There is another app called Storyist which helps you plan out your novel by breaking it down into smaller steps. I just got this app and haven’t started using it yet, but I think I will for this one story. Another app I downloaded helps you write a novel in 30 days which the apps was also said to be good for those who do national novel writers month, which I hope to be able to participate in this year.

Well, time to get the afternoon coffee and see if I can get more writing in before the Uhaul truck gets her.

My best to all!

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