Camp NaNoWriMo

12th Day of Camp NaNo

Well yesterday (the 12th) was the 12th day of Camp NaNo. I wrote about 2,100 words and now have a story that is 7,806 words long. Yes, I am behind where I should be. Having company for a week at the beginning of the month really put me behind. Thankfully I know if I work hard and write about 2,300 words a day I can make up the difference and still reach my goal at the end of the month. Now, on Saturday I will be traveling and next weekend we will have company for three days. Ugh! I am going to try to reach my goal this month, but if I don’t make it this month, there is always next month for another round of Camp NaNo. Well, here goes. Let’s see how many words I can write for this, the 13th day of Camp NaNo. Best of luck to all you campers out there!

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