Camp NaNoWriMo

12th Day of Camp NaNo

Well yesterday (the 12th) was the 12th day of Camp NaNo. I wrote about 2,100 words and now have a story that is 7,806 words long. Yes, I am behind where I should be. Having company for a week at the beginning of the month really put me behind. Thankfully I know if I work hard and write about 2,300 words a day I can make up the difference and still reach my goal at the end of the month. Now, on Saturday I will be traveling and next weekend we will have company for three days. Ugh! I am going to try to reach my goal this month, but if I don’t make it this month, there is always next month for another round of Camp NaNo. Well, here goes. Let’s see how many words I can write for this, the 13th day of Camp NaNo. Best of luck to all you campers out there!

News on Writing

Be Afraid of Posting Your Work Online – an article by Chuck

Below is an exerpt of an article I read this morning which is very important for us writers to consider. Do we post our work online or don’t we? Very important indeed. Read the excerpt to get an idea about the article and click the link to read more.

Be (Slightly) Afraid of Posting Your Work Online
by Chuck

My co-worker, Jane Friedman, recently wrote
a column for Writer Unboxed titled “Stop
Being Afraid of Posting Your Work Online.”
Her column lists reasons why
writers should not be afraid of posting material on websites. The column is in
response to my usual advice to writers, which is that posting work online is
generally a no-no. Essentially, we disagree on the value of it (a delicious
little point-counterpoint). But the truth is: This is not a yes/no answer. Both
answers are incorrect, but I still lean toward not putting your work online, and
I will try and convince you why here.

Click here to read more….