Camp NaNoWriMo

Story for Camp NaNo

Yesterday the Camp NaNo site went live and I am so happy about that. I have set up my profile and my novel info. Here is the synopsis of the novel I will be working on:

Title: Facade


Robbie and Keith Pierce are born in Tupelo, Mississippi on June 6, 1935. Robbie goes on to become a rockstar while Keith remains a farmhand. After a few years of touring, Robbie demands a vacation and travels north to New york. He is in New York City but the rush of the city becomes more than Robbie can handle. he longs for quiet and solitude. He jumps in a car and drives into Northern New York. His car breaks down on Sulpher Springs Road. With a leather jacket slung over his shoulder, he walks three miles down the road to the nearest house. This is where Robbie meets Christine Duncan, a good old country girl. Robbie becomes so involved in Christine’s life on the family farm that he pushes his music career out of his mind. He has found something more important to him than music.

Robbie’s brother Keith becomes concerned when Robbie doesn’t come home in the time frame he said he would be home. Keith sets out to find Robbie and tracks him down. Keith is already jealous of Robbie’s fame, but becomes enraged with jealousy when he finds Robbie with a girl (Christine). Keith feels Robbie gets everything so easily when he, Keith, has to fight for everything. Keith gets his brother to return home and continue his singing career saying that he would bring Christine on the next flight back to Tupelo. Robbie agrees to return home. However, Christine is blind to what’s happening. Robbie returns home, but Keith remains at Christine’s side and pretends to be Robbie. At first Christine believes in Keith’s facade, but the longer the relationship goes on, the more Christine sees things that are not characteristic of Robbie. It’s not until Christine watches a television concert at one of her friend’s place does she spot Robbie on TV. It is then she puts things together and uses her friend’s phone and calls Robbie’s home. She leaves a message with Robbie’s dad, but will Robbie receive her message and save Christine from Keith’s destructive grasp?

For those of you interested, here is the link to my profile at Camp NaNo:

See you there!


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