WINNER Announced!

The winner of my first creative challenged is Heather Montford, from Sackets Harbor, NY with her story Freedom.



There was freedom in the water.

On the land… People weren’t free on the land. They hurried back and forth, their heads in their phones, in their tablets. Their heads were down because anyone who was seen as too proud or too free were looked down upon those looking down on the world from their windows in the high metal and glass buildings. People on the land worked for people they didn’t like, at jobs that drained the very lives from them. People on land went home to families who would not look up from their phones, their tablets, their computers, their gaming systems, their televisions and Blu-ray players.

People on the land had no sense of wonder, no definition of imagination. There was no time in the day to look up, beyond the grayness of their city worlds, to marvel at a sunset or wonder at the colors in a rainbow after a downpour. There was no time to read, to see movies of one’s own making playing in their heads as they read wondrous words across the pages.  

Nobody enjoyed the beach she now sat upon, the glorious cliffs of white stones and the faces carved into them by a nature much more patient than the world as a whole. None of the people on the beach with her stopped to look at the rays of sun streaming like rain through the clouds over the island just yonder. Nobody on the beach sat and listened to the music of the water, lapping gently over the stones and shells on the shore. For some of them on the beach, that had been their intention. To forget, even momentarily, the pressures of the world on land and lose themselves in peace, but their phones held their attention, and they were not free.

She was tired of life on the land. She was tired of not being free to see the world around her. She was tired of being alone in a world overflowing with people. She stood, and shook the sand from her skirt. She slipped off her shoes, and dug her toes into the pebbles, the shells, around her, relishing the feel of each one.

She stepped into the water, feeling it wash the dread and gloom of life on the land away from her. She walked forward, to her ankles, to her knees, to her waist. Her skirt drifted up and became a pool of white ever present around her. She walked until her feet lifted from the ground, and she stayed there, treading water.

She could already breathe better.

When the sun set over the horizon, and the sky turned from orange to a dark, navy blue, her legs turned into the tail she had so missed in her years upon the land. She dove beneath the waves, and she was finally free.

Creative Writing Challenge

Hello, everyone!

I have decided to do a little creative challenge. I am going to post a picture and I want you to write a story using the picture in 500 words or less. You can post your stories in the comments or email them to me at and I’ll announce the winner on July 22. As the winner I’ll post a picture, short bio and your story on my blog with a link to your website if you have one. Here we go!



Quiet Solitude

It’s after 10PM and everyone is in bed asleep. Even the dogs. I should be. Having a newborn I should be sleep when he sleeps but it’s so hard when the writing bug has come and won’t leave! Not that I want it to, mind you. I have one project in the works right now and thinking about another one I am planning to write for Camp NaNo in April. I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy even thinking about doing this with a baby. And no I’m not one of those that does fine on little sleep. I do best on 9. But I am finding that even a little bit of writing, helps me cope with the stresses of everyday life. Plus, it’s fun and I enjoy it. With only 500 words as my word count goal, I think I should be able to reach that each day. We’ll find out!

I’ll be writing a short story this time around. Fantasy like. 

How many of you will be writing this April?

Will you be writing fiction, nonfiction, novel, or short story?

I would love to hear from so feel free to leave me a note in the comments.
Bye for now!


Hi everyone,

I haven’t written anything in some time. I have hit a dilemma. I would like to know what you want to hear from me. Do you want to hear writing updates, writing related posts and news, guest authors, ect. Please let me know so that I can serve you better. Looking forward to your comments.

All the best,

Happy writing!🙂

Snow Day Inspiration

My daughter is home from school today and my little man is 4 months old today. It is hard on these days when I have both kids. Trying to work through the noises from the TV and my daughter playing. But these moments can also be moments of creative inspiration! I never know what will pop into my head while watching my daughter play or watching a movie with her. My little guy can do the same thing only his inspiration comes with noises and the funny faces he makes.

For those writers who have children, do you find that you draw inspiration, even a small amount from your children? Has any of this inspiration ended up in your stories? We all know how much we can be inspired, but just how much of that inspiration do we actually use?

I admit, I’m guilty of not using a lot of inspiration that comes my way. I try to write down all the ideas I like. Well, I guess I also write down the ones that aren’t my favorite just in case I change my mind later, which I have done.

When you have a Snow Day (no school), what fun things do you do? How much writing are you able to get done? How do you manage your writing with kids running around?

I would love to hear what you have to say. Please leave a comment or feel free to email me at Also, if you’d like, please also send prayer requests.

Wishing you all a day full of less pain and good mobility!

God bless!

In the Morning Hours

The early morning hours beckon me to awake. I’m not sure why but here I am taping on the keys to my keyboard. These seem to be the the hours where creativity kicks in. And all before the birds and sun awaken.

It is 3:46AM EST on this last day of November, and I have a couple of hours before I have to get my daughter up for school. These hours are mine and so the words must pour forth from my soul for I cannot hold them back. I have much to say on many topics. I have a couple of articles I’d like to write and then work on my memoir, Reflections of the Heart.

In Reflections of the Heart, I share my story of losing my mother as a teenager at 17 and how my faith in God saw me through the pain of loss and moving forward with my life even though it was difficult. I want to write this story to give hope to those children and adolescence who have lost either one or both parents. You are not alone and there is hope. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel of grief.

Have you lost a parent while in your teenage years, or younger? What things did you do to see you through the grief and to help get yourself back on your feet? I’d love to hear your stories if you are comfortable sharing them with me. If you don’t want to leave a comment you can email me at

Also, if you’re a writer, when are you most creative, early morning, mid morning, late morning, afternoon, evening?

My best to you in all you do today! God bless!

J. Soucie

6 Key Steps To Finding Your Passion As A Writer

Have you ever had a love of writing but at some point, find it died out and writing became more of a chore. Where did the enjoyment go anyway? The following article has some good tips to getting that passion back!


By definition, writers are passionate creatures. You can be an exquisite writer by tapping into the passion of being yourself.

Source: 6 Key Steps To Finding Your Passion As A Writer | Write to Done